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We provide Professional Dress Uniform security officers

Unarmed and Armed security officers are given a professional dress uniform or a tactical uniform, depending on the client’s needs. This versatility enables the guard a best fit within his/her environment and have an inconspicuous presence when necessary.


Observation and Reports

A uniformed security officer observes activity, reports any criminal or inappropriate activity to the proper authority, and documents all pertinent information at the job site.


A uniformed security officer enforces safety policies, takes action against safety hazards, ensures that property safety equipment is accounted for, and takes appropriate action in the event of an emergency.

Special Events can range from political conventions to sports spectaculars, from awards shows and entertainment events to product sales and major corporate marketing events; Kinsey Christian Security, LLC provides unparalleled safety, security, and presence to any event.

Kinsey Christian Security, LLC provides assistance on advance planning, threat assessment and issue prevention; event crowd control; and when necessary, crisis response. Management is skilled at understanding and planning the event security process and working with the client, while our personnel are trained to be polite and professional, while assuring the safety and security of all the event attendees.


Other services are Crossing Guards/ Security Technology / Camera Surveillance / Landlord & Tenant / Employment Activity / Background Checks/ and many more!


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