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New technology such as surveillance, is making a huge impact on the security industry. The security guards of tomorrow are tech-savvy, assertive, and able to make tough decisions in high-pressure situations.

As the job demands greater responsibility and skill, it must also require a great deal of experience and training.

What are some of our basics of  security guard training?

  • Guard and monitor premises

  • Operate surveillance equipment

  • Prevent theft

  • Escort individuals around a site or off the premises

  • Assist in the secure transportation of money or highly-priced goods

  • Communicate quickly with emergency services

  • Make quick decisions and prioritize duties.

  • Learning to maintain a high visible presence to deter illegal behavior

  • Boosting your awareness of relevant legislation and laws.

  • Civil and criminal law understanding

  • Fire safety awareness

  • How to detect, deter, observe and report

  • Emergency procedures

  • Drug awareness

  • Learn how to search individuals

  • Escorting techniques

  • Learn how to assess a situation

  • Disengagement techniques

  • Conflict resolution

  • First Aid

  • Monitoring and controlling traffic movement

  • Access control – checking baggage and vehicles for illegal substances

  • Crowd control

  • Observing and identifying hazards

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